What We Do.

New Plan Capital offers a variety of real estate financial sound products. Thanks to our exceptional relationships with countless lenders and our understanding of today’s high demands, we have the knowledge and expertise to obtain and negotiate for our clients the best possible rates and terms at any time.

Fixed Rate Loans:

In today’s loan industry, many opportunities exist for negotiation on mortgage lending terms, especially interest rates, loan-maturity and prepayment penalties. New Plan Capital is able to provide our clients with the best fixed interest rates and any additional terms in the industry. We make knowledgeable and professional recommendations regarding all of our loans.

Floating Rate Loans:

Many recent borrowers have chosen the floating rate loan in order to take advantage of the low interest rates. Floating rate loans often feature minimal or no prepayment penalties. This loan is largely popular among buyers who prefer two or four year financing. New Plan helps its borrowers benefit from the flexible structure for their immediate short term utility.

Construction Loans:

Construction loans are typically short-term loans that borrowers use for the financing of building costs. A borrower’s prior building experience may alter or vary the terms of the construction loan. Other varying factors may include: product and length of construction process. At New Plan Capital we can help finance the best rate, source, and term for this loan.

Mezzanine Loans:

Mezzanine loans range from structured as partnership debt, or preferred equity. These loans are a type of second loan that can be an integral component for a real estate owner or developer. The mezzanine loan frequently equals the difference between the first mortgage lending amount and approximately 90% of the purchase price.

Bridge Loans:

Like other short term financing loans, the bridge loan can be both complex and challenging in terms of timing and product. Bridge loans are typically designed to be paid back quickly. This loan can be a key component in long-term strategy for real estate borrowers. New Plan Capital helps borrowers better understand this loan as we simplify all the terms, conditions, and plans for our borrowers.

Forward Commitment:

In the current real estate climate, borrowers continue to favor the Forward Commitment loan. This involves the commitment made by both the lender and borrower based on predetermined interest rates.


A renovation loan is similar to a construction loan. It may involve financing for upgrading and/or redesigning of an existing property or project.


Multifamily properties are our expertise. Multifamily properties could range from a few units to large multi-building complexes with hundreds of residents. New Plan Capital offers borrowers the widest variety of products and is able to consummate transactions with the greatest possible efficiency. New Plan Capital has access to multiple sources of capital in addition to Fannie Mae, including national and local banks, Wall Street mortgage conduits, and insurance companies. With our track record and strong relationships within the lending community, New Plan Capital can offer first mortgages or refinancing with maximum diversity in terms, rates and lending sources


New Plan Capital has the ability to secure financing for retail real estate whether it’s a new acquisition, or a major reposition. Repositioning and re-tenanting is critical to the success of any retail center. From the purchase and revitalization of shopping centers, strip centers, regional malls, power malls and lifestyle centers, New Plan Capital has cultivated strong relationships with a broad range of lenders who understand the nuances and needs of the retail real estate industry.


The office market provides diverse opportunities for owners and developers. New Plan Capital has a wealth of lending sources specializing in office properties for new acquisitions or refinancing. Whether a leasing issue, a need for significant tenant improvements or a complicated ground lease, New Plan Capital can work through the issues and help you take advantage of the unique opportunities in the office financing market. We can provide the capital resources that help borrowers maximize the potential of new or existing properties in the dynamic office building marketplace.


In the hospitality industry, transactions are unique and require incomparable creativity and knowledge. There is arrangement of debt and equity financing for virtually every hospitality transaction feasible. Hospitality projects include new construction, mixed use development, renovation, re-branding, conversion and resorts. If you are seeking out the optimum lender, joint venture partner or branded operator, New Plan Capital is the best source and provider of exceptional results.


Most industrial buildings we finance are owner-user properties. Changes in the industry have created a need for new industrial buildings and older warehouses which have become attractive for a variety of alternate uses, from retail space to show rooms and development to newer flex products. Exciting opportunities abound for repositioning older structures and acquiring or developing new ones. To take advantage of opportunities, New Plan Capital has a broad variety of relationships with lenders who appreciate industrial market and its market potential.


New Plan Capital distinguishes self-storage as an investment property, which compares favorably too many more glamorous types of real estate. New Plan Capital can connect borrowers with capital sources who understand the seasonal and economic cycles of this industry, providing opportunities for building or expansion of self-storage facilities.


Mixed-Use properties seem to be the new big thing in the commercial real estate industry. Mixed-Use properties, particularly in urban markets, are comprised of income from residential and retail space. New Plan Capital has both the experience and the expertise to maximize opportunities in the mixed-use market. We are a leader in maximizing loan dollars and structuring flexibility in the mixed-use arena. Whether your building has only one corner shop, or a majority of retail tenants, New Plan Capital has the know-how and experience to get your deal done with the best and most flexible terms.